What is included with a purchase of Rets safety glasses?

All Rets safety glasses come with a crush-resistant, felt-lined case for safekeeping.  All of our lenses are anti-fog and blue light blocking at no additional cost.  

How do I care for my Rets safety glasses?

Keep your Rets stored safely in their hard-shelled, felt-lined case to prevent damage.  If they get a few smudges, use a soft, microfiber cloth to clean the lenses.  If they need extra cleaning, we recommend basic soap and water with a soft cloth to dry them.  Avoid harsh cleaning agents, as the anti-fog layer on the lenses can be damaged with repetitive exposure to chemicals.

We have a lot of people at my work who want Rets safety glasses, does Rets do team orders?

Yes, we do.  Please contact us at hello@retsglasses.com for more information.  

 What does anti-fog mean?

We hate fog as much as you do.  We have our lenses treated with an anti-fog layer which prevent condensation from gathering on the lenses to keep your vision clear.  

What does blue light blocking mean?

Humans see visible light between a general range of 380-800 nanometers (this, of course, varies).  Light is made up of many different colors including blue light around 380-500 nanometers.  Rets safety glasses are capable of blocking a portion of this blue light from crossing the lenses and entering your eyes.

We are exposed to blue light everywhere in our world, including the sunshine.  This means when we are exposed to blue light, we feel like we should be awake and active, and when we are not, we know it is time to settle down and sleep.  As our world is now inundated with blue light from computer screens and phones, we see blue light constantly.   As a result, some people feel they have a harder time falling asleep after a day of staring at blue light screens.  For this reason, reducing the blue light you are exposed to may improve your sleep!  There are others who say staring at blue light causes further unpleasant symptoms like headache and eye fatigue which improves with reducing blue light exposure.